3rd HAIC International field campaign in Darwin (Australia) and St Denis (La Réunion) from 09 – 29 January 2016

3rd campaign

The 3rd HAIC International field campaign on A340 MSN 1 successfully took place at Darwin (Australia) and St Denis (La Réunion) from 09 – 29 January 2016. Prototypes of the new technologies developed by the project consortium related to instruments capable of characterising and measuring ‘mixed phase’ and glaciated icing conditions during flight tests, and measuring the properties of deep convective clouds, including cloud liquid and ice water content, particle size distributions and particle shapes were delivered for installation on the Airbus A340 flight test aircraft.

The main purpose of this campaign was to measure the ice crystals conditions using state-of-the-art probes and to complete the database and achieve rulemaking objectives to provide the first modern extensive data set of the core areas of deep convection that can be safely penetrated. In particular, the flight test aimed at collecting cloud data in deep convective clouds so as to fulfil the industry and scientific objectives. Also, this campaign aimed at testing the ice crystals conditions awareness and detection technologies designed to alert the crew of flight in these particular icing conditions and to adapt the flight path well in advance in order to avoid such weather conditions. Finally, the aim of this test campaign was to validate the space-borne remote detection and nowcasting techniques developed within HAIC and provide near realtime weather data through ATM.

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