HAIC M45 Mid-Year Review Meeting

HAIC M45 Review Meeting

On the  6th and 7th of April 2016 the HAIC Consortium conducted successfully the M45 Mid-Year Review Meeting in Saclay, France where the progress performed since October 2015 was presented to the consortium. Concurrently, a HAIC Executive Board meeting took place.

The aim of the M45 Mid-Year Review Meeting of the project was to review the progress of each SP since October 2015 and the activities planned up to the end of the project in January 2017.

The highlights of this period include:

  • Processing of the HAIC/HIWC dataset
  • Preparation and implementation of the HAIC A340 field campaign out of Darwin / Saint-Denis in January 2016
  • Achievement of TRL5 for Satellite retrieval and nowcasting application
  • Delivery of mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions awareness and detection technologies
  • Calibration of High IWC (Ice Water Content) test facilities which are on the route to achieve TRL5/TRL6
  • Completion of TRL4 benchmark for High IWC numerical tools and achievement of good progress in the implementation of numerical models and tools into industrial environment

In a nutshell, important technical work has been performed during this period and all Sub-Projects have achieved most of this period’s objectives.

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