HAIC P3 Review Meeting


The Third Annual Review of the HAIC project and its associated meetings successfully took place at the INCAS facilities in Bucharest, Romania, from Tuesday 29th September till Thursday 1st October 2015.

During those 3 days the following meetings were organised:

  • The HAIC P3 Annual Review meeting on the 29th and 30th September,
  • The HAIC General Assembly meeting #4 on the 30th September, and
  • The HAIC Executive Board meeting #9 on the 1st October.

During the Third Annual Review meeting the HAIC partners had the unique opportunity to visit the INCAS wind tunnel and the INCAS test aircraft. It is worth noting that the European Commission Project Officer, Pablo Perez Illana, and the EC reviewers attended this event providing their valuable feedback to the HAIC partners. The aim of the 3rd Annual Review Meeting was to highlight the scientific and technical achievements of the project at the end of the third period and provide sufficient information to allow the EC to perform the project assessment against the applicable Description of Work.

The highlights of this period included the implementation of the 2nd international field campaign which was conducted in May 2015 at Cayenne, French Guyana with the aim to collect data in deep convective clouds so as to provide 99th percentile total water content statistics, as a function of distance scale, to industry and regulators. In addition, invaluable feedback and recommendations were received from the European Commission. In a nutshell, important technical work has been performed during the third year of the project and all Sub-Projects have achieved most of the third year’s objectives.

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