Airbus Operations SAS (AI-F)

Organisation profile

The Airbus group is a leading aircraft manufacturer made of a holding company, Airbus SAS (AI), and of four national companies - Airbus Operations S.A.S (AI-F), Airbus Operations GmbH (AI-D), Airbus Operations S.L. and Airbus Operation Ltd (AI-UK). Airbus holds about 50% of the world market for airliners with more than 100 seats. Airbus designs and then manufactures new aircraft in connection with several partners and sub-contractors. Investment in the development of research and technology is key to the future of the Company and as such Airbus is a key player in some of the major research activity in Europe today particularly in the EC Framework Programmes.

Role in HAIC

Airbus Operations SAS (AI-F): As HAIC project coordinator, AI-F ensures coordination of technical activities, project monitoring, administration and reporting to the European Commission and animates the exchanges with the Advisory Board and external participants. In SP1, AI-F contributes to the definition of F/T and IWT/T instrumentation specification and provides its expertise in the field (Airbus Nephelometer). As SP2 leader, AI-F manages and coordinates the participation of HAIC to the International F/T campaign at Darwin in 2013 and the F/T campaign in 2015. AI-F contributes as well in the WP23 to the integration of SP1 and SP4 technologies on the second F/T aircraft. In SP4, AI-F contributes to the definition of mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions awareness and detection technologies specifications and leads the WP43 dedicated to the development and validation of high IWC awareness system. In SP5, AI-F follow-up the development of test facilities and participates to the definition of wind tunnel tests programmes. In SP6, AI-F coordinates the WP66 dedicated to the implementation of ice particle models in industrial environment and assesses this new capability.

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