Airbus SAS (AI)

Organisation profile

The Airbus group is a leading aircraft manufacturer made of a holding company, Airbus SAS (AI), and of four national companies - Airbus Operations S.A.S (AI-F), Airbus Operations GmbH (AI-D), Airbus Operations S.L. and Airbus Operation Ltd (AI-UK). Airbus holds about 50% of the world market for airliners with more than 100 seats. Airbus designs and then manufactures new aircraft in connection with several partners and sub-contractors. Investment in the development of research and technology is key to the future of the Company and as such Airbus is a key player in some of the major research activity in Europe today particularly in the EC Framework Programmes.

Role in HAIC

Airbus SAS (AI): As WP23 leader, AI manages, coordinates and performs the second F/T campaign in 2015. In WP24, AI contribute to the assessment of mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions as defined in Appendix D/P (FAA NPRM10-10, EASA NPA-2011-03 and NPA-2011-04) and to the set-up of recommendations to regulatory bodies.

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