Cranfield University (CU)

Organisation profile

Since its establishment in 1946, the institution has grown rapidly to become an international centre of excellence in research and teaching in the strategic areas of science, technology and management directed by the needs of industry. The extent of this applied emphasis is unique among UK universities. Also, Cranfield is the only wholly postgraduate institution in the UK. 54% of all aerospace engineering postgraduates in the UK graduate from Cranfield. In addition over 10% of the UK’s engineering and sciences PhDs are awarded by Cranfield. Cultural diversity characterises Cranfield; students represent over 100 of the world’s nationalities.

Role in the project

In WP14, Cranfield will lead Task 14.1 Improvement of cloud measurement equipment for reference TWC measurement device and will improve available iso-kinetic probe for use in mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions. Cranfield will process and release iso-kinetic probe data.

In WP15, Cranfield will contribute to the survey on main instrumentation measurement issues for mixed-phase and glaciated conditions.

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