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Organisation profile

Dassault Aviation is a key player in the aerospace industry, both in Europe and internationally, courtesy of the initiatives and skills developed within our Group. It is the only group in the world to design, manufacture and support both combat aircraft (instruments of political independence) and business jets (work and economic development tools). Dassault Aviation is a strategic player for the policy of national independence. The Group is at the vanguard of the technical and industrial revolution of the digital enterprise. Although international, the Group remains human in scope on the scale of the global aerospace industry and it is the last aviation group in the world still owned by its founding family and bearing its name. Dassault Aviation has developed a large family of products: Mirage, Rafale, Falcon and nEUROn. It is one of the world leaders in top-of-the-range executive jets. The company is present in France and in United States with 8 offices abroad the world for a total of 11,500 employees. Dassault Aviation aircrafts are flying in more than 77 countries across 5 continents. Today, more than 8,000 aircraft have been delivered, representing some 25 million hours of flight time.

Aircrafts face weather constraints and more specifically icing constraints and ice crystals. Studies related to icing are of main interest for flight safety. For this reason, Dassault Aviation takes part of partnerships on icing as HAIC project.

Role in the project

The technical direction and the flight test direction will be involved in the HAIC project on the following fields of icing problematic: aerodynamic, detection and protection systems, instrumentation and flight test activities.

Dassault Aviation’s main role in HAIC will be to:

  • Lead of WP12 F/T and IWT instrumentation specifications (with a participation in WP15 Cross-calibration of airborne and IWT instruments)
  • Lead of SP4 High IWC detection and awareness technology, WP41 SP coordination and WP44 Development of icing conditions detection systems
  • Lead of WP52 Definition of test capability requirements (with a participation in WP55 Icing tunnel tests for technology maturity demonstration)

Dassault Aviation will also participate in WP22 Flight Test for High IWC characterisation, WP23 Flight test for validation of new icing detection technology, WP42 Awareness and Detection technology specification, WP43 Awareness system development, WP62 Numerical tools specification, WP66 Model Integration in industrial icing simulation environment, WP67 Capability assessment for representative configurations. Dassault Aviation will also support the Project Coordinator in WP71 for the strategic and technical management of the project.

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