Direction Generale de L’Armement / DGA Essais Propulseurs (DGA)

Organisation profile

DGA Aero-Engine testing (previously known as CEPr) is a non-profit public body, part of the Test and Evaluation capabilities of the French armament procurement agency, established in the vicinity of Paris. DGA Aero-Engine testing designs and carries out tests under simulated flight conditions, including icing conditions, of air-breathing aerospace engines, their components, assemblies and sub-assemblies and associated equipment. With its outstanding capabilities, DGA Aero-engine Testing supplies the government customers, companies and European civil aviation clients, with a full range of activities meeting their requirements for the development, qualification or certification of aeronautical equipment.

Engine testing at simulated altitude conditions is the core activity of DGA Aero engine Testing. The centre provides a broad range of test conditions for air-breathing engines and their components.

DGA Aero engine Testing has a relevant experience in handling tests in the hardest simulated flight conditions (sand, water clouds, ingestion of foreign bodies) and is currently working on the development of ice crystals capabilities for tests on probes and engines in simulated altitude test facilities.

Role in the project

DGA will lead SP5 Test capability and will be involved in all five WP’s of SP5. DGA will lead three WP’s: WP51 SP coordination, WP53 Develop technologies to reproduce mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions and WP55 Icing tunnel tests for technology maturity demonstration.

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