Esterline Advanced Sensors – Auxitrol (ESTERLINE)

Organisation profile

Esterline Advanced Sensors is 1 of the 9 platforms of the group Esterline (headquarters inSeattle). Esterline Advanced Sensors Bourges (Auxitrol) is specialized in the design and manufacture of a wide range of sensors that cover the spectrum of aero-engine, aero-equipment and airframe applications, as well as industrial and marine derivatives. Main products are pressure, level, mass flow and temperature probes, including engine inlet, external aircraft, passive de-iced, electrically or pneumatically de-iced probes. Main activities are design, development, qualification, and production of sensors.

ESTERLINE Advanced Sensors has also R&D activities (developing new technologies with low TRL level for future aeronautic applications). In the frame of ESTERLINE Advanced Sensors’ activities on de-iced temperature probes, a icing wind tunnel has been developed to perform probe tests in icing conditions. This icing wind tunnel is used for internal tests and is also available for external companies. Airbus already performed several tests on different instrumentation. ESTERLINE Advanced Sensors has experience in test implementation and analysis.

Role in HAIC

In the SP5 Test capability:

  • WP52: Analysis of the needs, knowledge of icing conditions that will have to be reproduced in the wind tunnels; impact on wind tunnel tests
  • WP54: Contribution to calibration methodology definition; Calibration of ESTERLINE wind tunnel; Validation of the wind tunnel capability in term of icing conditions range and repeatability.
  • WP55: Leader of 55.2; provision of testing capability for other HAIC work packages, mainly for ice detector testing.

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