GKN Aerospace Services Limited (GKN)

Organisation profile

GKN Aerospace is a division of GKN plc, a global aerospace and automotive engineering group, with its major businesses in market and technology leadership positions, focused on strong customer relationships and product excellence. The business is managed in four distinct segments: a) Aerospace b) Automotive c) Powder Metallurgy and d) Land Systems. In the year ending December 2010 the GKN plc had a turnover exceeding GBP£5.4 billion and a work force of over 40,000 people in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The GKN Aerospace Luton factory is one of the subsidiaries of the GKN group, which has supported aircraft manufacturers in the design, certification and supply of innovative aircraft de-icing solutions for nearly 50 years. GKN Luton is a world leader in the design, development and production of aircraft electro-thermal ice protection systems. Notable programmes include the F-135 engine to be used in the F-35 JSF, AW101 helicopter RIPS, V-22 Engine Air Inlet and the 787 Wing IPS. GKN boasts one of the few icing wind tunnels (IWT) in the world, and the requirement of such a facility within this project enhances a key reason for GKN’s membership of the consortium, as well as its expertise in specialist aerospace manufacturing and design processes.

Role in the project

The role of GKN Aerospace with respect to WP53, WP54 and WP55 will be to participate in the development of ice crystal generation techniques conforming to Appendix D requirements, carry out calibration of the GKN icing tunnel, and provide testing capability for the ice detector testing work package. GKN’s wind tunnel currently has an ice crystal generation capability, and in the first instance would look to characterise it’s capabilities with respect to the Appendix D envelope.

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