Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire (IRSN)

Organisation profile

The French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) is a public entity specialising in risk assessment which was created in 2001 from the merger of the IPSN (formerly CEA) and the OPRI. IRSN is a state owned body, reporting to the ministers responsible for environment, research, public health, defence, and industry. IRSN (1700 specialists) contributes to public policies relating to nuclear safety and protection of human health and environment with respect to ionising radiation.

The Airborne Pollutants and Containment Department has developed its expertise in the development and the qualification of advanced optical diagnostics used to perform detailed characterisation of multiphase flow in hostile conditions. IRSN is currently leader of the Joint Research Activity ALIDS in the framework of EUFAR FP7, dedicated to the development of an optical airborne spectrometer used to characterise droplets size in clouds.

Role in the project

In WP44 Development of mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions detectors and pending on selection at end of Phase 1, IRSN will evaluate the instrument performance for various flows as representative as possible of airborne conditions and its capability to detect ice crystals conditions, mixed phase conditions and its robustness.

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