Institutul National de Cercetari Aerospatiale Elie Carafoli – I.N.C.A.S. SA (INCAS)

Organisation profile

INCAS is the leading aerospace research institute in Romania, with more than 50 years of experience in flow physics, aerospace design, experimental aerodynamics and numerical methods for applied aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. INCAS is acting in an integrated environment with industrial partners, involved in many aircraft projects at national and international level. All Romanian projects in aeronautics were developed in INCAS (e.g. IAR-93, IAR-99, IAR-705), and also international developments (e.g. BAC 1-11/ROMBAC). Currently INCAS is the leading design authority for AeroTAXI sub-commuter scale CS-23 aircraft (12 pax.).

The research infrastructure is used for both industrial and basic research projects, in close cooperation with academia. This platform includes wind tunnels, testing facilities and HPC computational platform.

ATMOSLAB is one of the latest research platforms, based on a King Air C90 GTx aircraft with state of the art equipment for environment monitoring (lidar systems, CAPS probes, CPI, etc.) used in national and international research projects.

Role in the project

In WP24, INCAS will mainly work on in situ microphysics probe expertise (2D-S, CPI) (T24.1) and Nevzorov LWC-TWC probe measurements (T24.2).

In SP5, INCAS will be involved in the definition of test capability requirements (WP52) and contribute to the calibration methodology definition (WP54). INCAS will also participate at calibration of test facilities with its own equipments.

In SP6, INCAS will be involved in the integration of the ETM in INCAS Lagrangian code and the computation of some validation test cases (WP63). In WP65, INCAS will work on the implementation of the improved Messenger model in INCAS 2D accretion module and 2D test case computation.

Please visit the Institutul National de Cercetari Aerospatiale Elie Carafoli  - I.N.C.A.S. SA website.

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