Intertechnique – Zodiac Aerospace Group (ZA-INT)

Organisation profile

ZODIAC Aerospace is a French group, whose headquarter is located in Plaisir, near Paris. The Intertechnique Company is co-located with the ZODIAC Aerospace Group Headquarter.

ZODIAC Aerospace business units employ a total of almost 20,000 people around the world. Production facilities comprise 92 plants in the world and 35 support centres. The group is divided into three branches:

  • The Aircraft Systems Branch is a world-recognised specialist in high-technology equipment and systems for essential functions, both aloft and on the ground. Its systems and components are installed in the airplanes and helicopters of all the leading international airframers. The Branch's main competencies are: Fuel circulation, Hydraulics and controls, Oxygen and life support, Electrical power, Flight-deck controls and displays, Systems management including Ice Detection and Ice Protection systems (Intertechnique).
  • The AeroSafety Systems Branch specializes in the design and production of aeronautical equipment for manufacturers of airplanes, helicopters, and weapons systems, as well as for airlines, armed forces, and space-research agencies. The Branch's main competencies are: Emergency Evacuation systems, Aircraft Arresting Systems, Parachutes & Protection, Elastomeric Technologies including deicing technologies, Electrical Harnesses and Interconnect.
  • The Cabin Interiors Branch specializes in the manufacture and sale of passenger seats for civil aircraft, crew seats and cabin systems and equipment.

During the last decade, Intertechnique ZODIAC Aerospace has been very active in the field of Ice detection. Intertechnique is an active member of EUROCAE/SAE ice detection standardisation committees and developed technologies aimed at addressing the new icing regulations.

 Role in the project

ZA-INT will develop and validate an Ice Crystals Detection system to be installed on-board commercial aircraft to warn the flight crew about abnormal Ice crystals icing conditions. The work will be conducted in the frame of WP44. In WP42, ZA-INT will support the technical discussions thanks to knowledge gained in 2012 Airbus Flight Tests campaigns analysis results.

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