Meteo-France (MET-FR)

Organisation profile

Météo-France, as the French Meteorological Service, undertake ICAO mandatory airport forecasting on ~70 airports in continental France and on ~10 airports in overseas territories. METAR messages are either produced by aviation forecasters or automated (with radar-and-lightning-based information about thunderstorms). TAF are produced for these airports, with approximately 2/3 of 24h/30h TAF and 1/3 9h TAF.

Specific products to anticipate the occurrence of Low Visibility Procedures are elaborated for Lyon Saint-Exupéry, Paris Orly and Paris Charles de Gaulle.

For the latter, a specific MET production is undertaken in the “CDM@CDG” (Collaborative Decision Making at Paris CDG) organisation. Tailor made nowcasting products are made available on a private website, with a very high refresh rate. In addition, a specialized aviation forecaster is available for any question using a chat facility.

Météo-France elaborates two SIGWX (significant weather charts) in png format.

  • Low level SIGWX (SFC to FL150) over continental France. This chart is considered as a graphical GAMET and is issued every 3h with a lead time of approx 1h40 during daytime.
  • Mid-Altitude SIGWX (SFC to FL450) over the EUROC domain (from 35°N to 65°N and ~ from Iceland to Bucarest). This chart is issued every 3h 24h/24h with a lead time of approx 2h30 Five Meteorological Watch Offices are responsible for the SIGMET watch over the five French Flight Information Regions (FIRs). SIGMET messages are issued whenever needed and a dedicated service has been organised to fulfil the needs of the En-Route ATM centres (Pre-Warning Bulletins, etc.).

A specific system for thunderstorm nowcasting called ASPOC (Application de Signalisation et de Prévision des Orages pour la Circulation aérienne) has been developed by Météo-France and is now used by all the en-route and Approach ATC centres. Areas affected by thunderstorm are identified using thresholded radar data and a 30mn nowcasting is made available.

Role in the project

METEO-France initially led SP3 Spaceborne observation and nowcasting of high IWC regions as well as WP34 Nowcasting of tropical convection where they worked on the implementation and evaluation of RDT Tropical Atlantic and provide meteorological support to the second field experiment.

METEO-France also supported the Project Coordinator in the strategic and technical management of the project (WP71).

Please visit the Meteo-France website.

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