Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (ONERA)

Organisation profile

ONERA was created in 1946 as a public research institute in the area of aeronautics. Its activity was extended to space even before ONERA was officially renamed Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales, in 1963. The competence of the ONERA staff in a wide variety of scientific and technical disciplines has been continuously developed.

ONERA is a multi-disciplinary research organisation in which scientists and engineers makes concurrent progress in theoretical, computation and experimental research. Through the value of its highly qualified personal and the high quality of its facilities, ONERA makes decisive contributions to progress in aerospace research.

The activities of Department of Models for Aerodynamics and Energetics (DMAE) are mainly focused on the elaboration of models and numerical tools in the domain of Aerodynamics, Heat exchanges, two-phase flows and icing. DMAE is involved in spray studies for more than 20 years and is equipped with recent diagnostics for the characterisation of droplet properties (LDA, PIV, PDPA, MALVERN, IR, LIF, high speed video camera, DGV). DMAE is also involved in the development of icing numerical tools for the prediction of ice accretion on solid walls.

The activity of the Fundamental and Applied Energetics Department (DEFA) conducts research for aerospace propulsion systems addressing modelling, experiments and numerical simulations. As far as icing modelling activities are concerned, DEFA is in charge of developing the Eulerian trajectory solver.

The Physics and Instrumentation department (DMPH) develops specific on-board instruments for space, aeronautics or defense and models for atmospheric and electromagnetic phenomena (lightning, cloud microphysics).

Role in the project

ONERA will lead SP6 Tools and simulation, WP61 SP coordination, WP65 ice accretion model development and participate in WP62, WP63 WP64, WP66 and WP67. ONERA will also be involved in WP13, WP24, WP42, WP44, WP55 and WP71.

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