Piaggio Aero Industries SPA (PAI)

Organisation profile

PIAGGIO AERO INDUSTRIES evolved from the aerospace business formerly owned by Rinaldo Piaggio SPA, having purchased the assets of the original company when it went into receivership.

PIAGGIO AERO is one of the world's oldest aircraft manufacturer. With some 1,300 highly skilled employees on its payroll, PIAGGIO AERO is well established in the Italian aerospace industry. PIAGGIO AERO currently produces the fastest civil  business turboprop aircraft, the P180 Avanti and engine components, with two operating units. Both are located in Italy's Liguria Region, one at Genova-Sestri and one at Finale Ligure, occupying a total area of 120,000 square meters (1.3 million square feet).

Role in the project

PAI’s role in the project is related to OEM capability in the small business aircraft design, manufacturing and support. Thus, PAI’s main contributions will be in SP4 the definition and specification requirements of  High IWC detection and awareness technology. In SP5 PAI will contribute to the test matrix and model specification. Furthermore PAI will validate the simulation tools developed in SP6..

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