Rockwell Collins France (RCF)

Organisation profile

Rockwell Collins France (RCF) is a French Electronic Company of Rockwell Collins, Inc (RC-INC), founded in 1959 and located in Toulouse-Blagnac since 1978. The company has four locations in France, with headquarters in Toulouse-Blagnac, sales offices in Thiais and technical sites at Creil and Paris Roissy CDG. The company maintains links with several laboratories and universities in the area.

RCF total sales have been 219.8 M€, with 759 employees, creating indirectly a proportional amount of jobs by subcontracting. RCF realizes more than 85% of value added in France and combines excellence and growth since it was created in 1959.

RCF creates RF/Radio related products, including radio direction finders, frequency-modulated continuous wave radar (FMCW), systems engineering considering large/complex aviation systems, airborne data-link communication systems.

Specific products in this context are the Air Traffic Management Services Unit (ATSU) for the Airbus A320/330/340 family, the Aircraft Communications Router (ACR) for the Airbus A380, surveillance systems for several aircraft types.

Jointly with parent organization RC-INC, RCF is deeply involved in commercial aircraft weather radar, with an experience of more than 25 years. The company represents leadership market position in Air Transport segment weather radar type WXR-700, as well as the newer generation of advanced weather radar - MultiScan™. The system has been installed and certified on nearly every large commercial aircraft in the world, including Airbus A330/340.

RCF is an aviation quality organization, by way of the following recognitions:

  • ISO-9001 (Renewed by AFAQ since June 1992, for the Blagnac, Aix en Provence and Creil plants)
  • AS/EN 9100 (Delivered by AFAQ in 2004).
  • ISO 14001 (Delivered by AFAQ in July 2003 for the Environmental Management System)
  • PART-145/FAR-145 (Delivered by the DGAC since December 1993 [JAR-145/PART-145] and by FAA since February 1996[FAR-145]).
  • PART-21G (Production Organization approved by the DGAC since 1999)

The RCF customer base includes Aircraft Manufacturers/Integrators, Airlines, the DGA (French MOD), the DGAC (French Civil Aviation authority) various European and other Ministries of Defence.

RCF has been a full partner in several European Community projects, including: INTENT, NUP, HILAS, FlySafe, MOWGLY, CASSIS, CLEOPATRA and others.

RCF has participated in the EU FlySafe project to lead work packages dealing with weather radar functions as well as data-linked exchange of weather radar information with ground-based functions.

RCF was in charge of the work package ‘Weather radar enhanced modes’, contributing to the specification of new data processing and antenna technology, with focus on storm-detection and - tracking.

RCF is currently strongly involved in the European R&D project CLEOPATRA aiming at developing a software procedure able to simulate relevant weather phenomena as they appear to airborne weather radars.

Jointly with parent organization RC-INC, RCF will be strongly involved in HAIC WP42 dealing with the Specification of HAIC Detection & Awareness Technology and WP43 dealing with the development of icing conditions awareness systems. As member of the HAIC consortium, RCF will coordinate the contribution of RC-INC to HAIC.

Role in the project

Rockwell Collins France will contribute to WP42 Definition of new technologies specifications and WP43 Development of mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions awareness systems.

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