Rockwell Collins Inc. (RC-INC)

Organisation profile

Rockwell Collins with more than US$ 4.7 billion is a worldwide company with approximately 20,000 employees present in more than 80 countries worldwide.

European RC subsidiaries, such as Rockwell Collins France (RCF), are strongly connected to the parent company in the United States, through the International & Service Solutions (I&SS) organization and the national centres of excellences.

Centres of excellence have direct product development with the Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) in Cedar Rapids, supported by internal or external funding (US DoD budgets, e.g. DARPA, NASA, SOCOM…). Engineers and program managers travel regularly to the US headquarter for working sessions on current and future programs (such as NGAP, Next Generation Avionics Program).

Many of them take part in engineer exchange programs for several years, from Cedar to Europe and vice versa.

Rockwell Collins Inc. will provide its significant technical and concept expertise with insight experience and knowledge of both North American and European development trends.

Role in the project

Rockwell Collins Inc. will contribute to WP42 Definition of new technologies specifications and WP43 Development of mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions awareness systems.

Please visit the Rockwell Collins Inc. website.

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