Science Engineering Associates (SEA)

Organisation profile

Science Engineering Associates, Inc. was created in 1977 to provide support and technical services to researchers in the Atmospheric Sciences. In 1997 SEA was incorporated. The major emphasis of the company has been the development and manufacture of airborne real-time data acquisition systems for cloud physics research, air quality studies, measurement of acid rain/acid snow and FAA icing certifications. SEA has been able to respond to the research community by anticipating their needs in the development of more and more sophisticated computer systems and by answering their requests for computer components or instruments to meet specific needs. Currently Science Engineering Associates is serving varied international scientific communities with custom designed Data Acquisition Systems and Probes. Although our systems have the ability to record and playback virtually any data, we specialize in the development of real-time airborne data acquisition systems.

To date our systems and probes have been used for cloud research, air quality studies, measurement of acid rain/acid snow, FAA icing certifications, wind tunnel research, flight test data acquisition, as well as ground based general purpose data collection and concentration. Our staff has the ability to provide the training and implementation of a customized real-time data acquisition solution. We have provided support and technical services to researchers and industrial clients since 1977. Since our establishment we have been able to respond to customer demands and anticipate future needs by developing increasingly sophisticated computer systems that guarantee compatibility with cutting edge technology, components and instrumentation.

Role in the project

In WP44, SEA will improve their probe to better define its sensitivity to ice and water at various concentrations and provide a probe for the flight campaign.

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