SAFRAN Aircraft Engines (SAFRAN)

Organisation profile

SAFRAN Aircraft Engines is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft and rocket engines. Among others, SAFRAN Aircraft Engines design, develop, produce and market, alone or in partnership, engines for commercial aircraft.

As such, SAFRAN Aircraft Engines developed expertise for large engine icing certification, for both EASA and FAA regulations. This includes evaluation of the icing threat by empirical and analytical means, design of anti-ice systems and icing tests for engines, as well as participation to international cooperations such as Engine Ice Working Group and Ice Crystals Consortium.

Thus, SAFRAN Aircraft Engines will help to define engine-compatible specifications for detection and awareness systems, icing tunnels and simulation tools. Most importantly, we lead and participate to the Assessment WP67 that will statute on the ice crystals models developed.

Role in the project

SAFRAN Aircraft Engines’ main role in HAIC will be to lead WP62 Numerical tools specification and WP6.7 Capability assessment for representative configurations.

Other contributions will consist in participating in WP42, WP52, WP55, WP61, WP66 and WP71 to support capability requirements and assessment and provide recommendations from an engine manufacturer point of view.

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