Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)

Organisation profile

The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) is the central institute in the Netherlands for aerospace research and development. Its mission is to carry out research and development work for Dutch and foreign aerospace industries and organisations, for civil and military aircraft operators and for governmental agencies concerned with aviation and spaceflight. To support its mission, NLR manages independently a variety of large research facilities like research aircraft, wind tunnels, flight simulators, central super computing power in a computer network, flight test equipment, etc. NLR cooperates in national an international projects.

NLR operates two research aircraft, a Fairchild Metro II and a Cessna Citation II. The Fairchild Metro II, is a twin turboprop aircraft, modified for aerospace research. The twinjet aircraft Cessna Citation II is the other research aircraft operated jointly by Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and NLR. The Citation has been extensively modified by NLR and Delft University of Technology to serve as a versatile airborne research platform. The innovative optical back-up air data systems developed in the NESLIE and DANIELA projects have been tested in the aircraft. NLR will evaluate in HAIC the application of the innovative air data system as an ice crystal detector in a detection and warning system in which also aircraft performance is monitored. Algorithms for the assessment of aircraft performance are developed.

The work will be centred in NLR’s Aircraft System department and the Cockpit and Flight Operations department.

Role in the project

NLR will participate in WP44 mainly to develop the performance related input to alerting, to run a flight test campaign on the NLR test aircraft and to analyse the performance of the alerting system.

Please visit the Stichting National Lucht-en Ruimtevaartlabiratorium website.

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