The HAIC project is divided into 7 Sub-Projects (SPs) covering RTD, Management and Dissemination and Exploitation activities. The RTD activities make up the main work effort (SP1 to SP6). These SPs cover the necessary research and development project’s innovative ideas, as well as provide mechanisms for the dissemination and exploitation of results.

Management activities are addressed in SP7. This SP includes all management aspects, both internal and external, and ensures that the partnership has the best prospect of achieving the project’s aims and objectives. The objective-driven central project management processes, aiming to reach the targeted global project results, have been designed to enable efficient coordination of complex research activities carried out by different partner sub-groups whilst ensuring the integration of skills, resources and activities.

Under SP7 the project will dedicate substantial efforts to the Dissemination and Exploitation activities in order to actively disseminate the knowledge generated in the project as well as to integrate any external knowledge detected in the related fields. The main objective of the aforementioned activities is to promote the exploitation of the project results, by spreading the knowledge incubated within the project to a wide audience form all sectors such as the Industry, SMEs, the Academia and research establishments, but also to the wider public throughout Europe.

There will be interdependencies between the SPs and between the partners involved in a SP (as shown in the figure below). This integrational approach is anticipated to create strong synergies and assure effective information exchange between the different activities.


The activities of the HAIC Project are divided into the following 7 Sub-Projects (SPs):

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