SP1 Instrumentation

Lead: DLR


Within SP1, HAIC will review, identify and optimise the performances of emerging technologies to allow the most appropriate instrument configuration to be chosen for flight tests measurements and tunnel calibration. SP1 aims at improving and selecting the most appropriate instrumentation to characterize mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions to be encountered during the two HAIC flight tests campaigns (SP2) and to support the calibration of test facilities (SP5).

Main Activities

One of the main activities of SP1 includes the assessment of the current technology and the development of the specification requirements. In addition, within the wind tunnel experiments the new instrumentation technologies will be tested, while the current instrumentation technologies will be evaluated. Finally, within SP1, recommendations will be provided for the selection of in-situ instrumentation for measuring the ice crystal size and the concentration for the facility calibration (and in-flight measurements).

Main Results

The main expected results of SP1 involve: i) the development of technology assessment and specification requirements, ii) the improvement of the related instrumentation (IsoKinetic evaporator Probe (IKP), Phase Doppler Interferometer (PDI), High Speed Imaging (HSI)), iii) the creation of a recommended instrumentation list for flight tests and wind tunnel calibration and iv) the inter-comparison of flight tests and icing wind tunnel tests instrumentation.

You can view the progress of SP1 here.

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