SP2 High IWC F/T Campaigns – 1st year progress

During the 1st year of the project, the following activities were performed within SP2:

  • Preparation of the 1st HAIC field campaign planned in the first quarter of 2014 in Darwin, Australia and coordination with international partners from HIWC. Indeed, the payload for the SAFIRE Falcon 20 has been defined and installation/certification work is ongoing. The Flight Test Request presenting the objectives of the campaign and main requirements was also issued. Detailed Flight Operation Plan is on-going
  • Initiation of the preparation of the 2nd HAIC field campaign for validation of the technologies developed as part of the project and planned in the first quarter of 2016 has also started with the selection of Airbus alternative aircraft due to A340 MSN001 unavailability, preliminary selection of instrumentations and technologies to be installed and definition of preliminary concept for installation of instrumentations.

In a nutshell, most of the objectives of SP2 were achieved.

In what follows the significant results of each WP of SP2 are presented.

WP21 : SP2 coordination

WP22 : Flight tests for high IWC characterisation

WP23 : Flight tests for validation of new technologies

WP24 : Microphysical properties of high IWC regions

To view the progress performed within SP2 the second, third and fourth year of the project please follow the respective links.

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