SP3 Spaceborne Observation & Nowcasting of High IWC regions – 1st year progress

In what follows the progress performed in SP3 within the first year of the project is presented below:

WP31 : SP3 coordination

  • Organisation of the SP3 kick-off meeting on November, 19th 2012 at CNRS in Paris

  • Delivery of D31.1 “SP3 Progress report” which provides a synthesis of all the work performed in the framework of SP3 during the first year of HAIC project.

WP32 : Geostationary spaceborne retrievals of high IWC

WP32 will start at February 2014 (M18) to cross validate SEVIRI high IWC retrieval against CLOUDSAT, CALIPSO and PARASOL measurements from the A-Train and microwave measurements from LEO over co-located areas of pilot reported glaciated icing events.

WP33 : Polar orbiting spaceborne retrievals of high IWC

Airbus in-service events database has been examined and an analysis of the spatial and temporal distributions of the HAIC cases has been completed. Coincident (in space and time) satellite images have been downloaded from the data servers and clouds co-located with glaciated icing events have been identified.

WP34 - Nowcasting of tropical convection

A series of tests have been completed for the production of Rapidly Developing Thunderstorm (RDT) over the Atlantic ocean.

To view the progress performed within SP3 the secondthird and fourth year of the project, please follow the respective links.

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