SP4 High IWC Detection and Awareness Technology – 1st year progress

During the first year of the project the following SP4 objectives were achieved:

  • Definition of High Level specification for mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions awareness and detection technologies
  • Understanding of technology concepts (Key TRL2 gate reviews) for both Awareness and Detection Technologies
  • First down-selection of Detection Technologies : 5 out of 6 technologies were down-selected up to TRL3

In a nutshell, most of SP4 objectives set for the first year of the project have been achieved.

In what follows the significant results of each WP of SP4 are presented.

WP41 : SP4 Coordination

WP42 : Awareness & Detection technology specification

WP43 : Awareness system development (Radar)

WP44 : Detection system development

To view the progress performed within SP4 the secondthird and fourth year of the project please follow the respective links.

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