SP4 High IWC Detection and Awareness Technology – 2nd year progress

During the second year of the project the following SP4 objectives were achieved:

  • Consolidation of High Level specification for mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions awareness and detection technologies. Yet, pending to the feedback of the SP2 flight campaigns at Darwin and Cayenne, and EUROCAE WG95 activities, specifications may still be updated.
  • Demonstration of the feasibility (Key TRL3 gate reviews) for both Awareness and Detection Technologies.
  • TRL3 down-selection: 4 out of 6 detection technologies, and 1 out of 2 awareness technology were selected for TRL6 flight test demonstration.

In a nutshell, most of SP4 objectives set for the second year of the project have been achieved.

Some partners report difficulties of various kinds, which were not a surprise, considering that active development started this year. Year one was more focused on paper reviews, proof of concepts and simulations based on existing, laboratory scale devices.

WP41 : SP4 Coordination

WP42 : Awareness & Detection technology specification

WP43 : Awareness system development (Radar)

WP44 : Detection system development

To view the progress performed within SP4 the firstthird and fourth year of the project please follow the respective links.

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