SP4 High IWC Detection and Awareness Technology – 3rd year progress

This year was challenging for SP4, as key milestones were passed: Second HAIC/HIWC field campaign (SP2 campaign) in Cayenne, with selected radar (Honeywell) and two detection probes (NRC and SEA) embedded, wind tunnel tests at GKN and Esterline, TRL4 review, and first technical exchanges with AIRBUS for physical integration of detection probes and radar, into the A340 Airbus flight test aircraft. Flight campaign is scheduled in early 2016, three months earlier than anticipated, with imaginable consequences on development schedule. Contributors to SP4 have been submitted to a tight schedule from the beginning, but now they have to work really fast so as to meet TRL6 within a year from now.

WP41 : SP4 Coordination

WP42 : Awareness & Detection technology specification

WP43 : Awareness system development (Radar)

WP44 : Detection system development

To view the progress performed within SP4 the firstsecond and fourth year of the project please follow the respective links.

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