SP6 High IWC Tools and Simulation Development – 1st year progress

During the first year of the project the following SP6 research activities have been performed:

  • Comprehensive literature review dealing with all aspects of ice crystal accretion physics. The main gaps have been identified and roadmaps have been defined for developing common European models for trajectory, impingement and ice accretion.

  • Laboratory experiments, which will provide the necessary input for the model development, have been prepared and are now ready to be executed. Promising experimental results have already been obtained which confirm the possibility to observe with the use of a high speed video camera the impingement or the melting of very thin ice particles.

  • Modelling activities have also begun. Some models have been developed by using icing numerical tools and preliminary encouraging results have been obtained.

  • Numerical tool requirements have been defined with respect to glaciated and mixed phase icing conditions.

In a nutshell, the majority of the SP6 objectives set for the first year of the project have been achieved.

In what follows the significant results of each WP of SP6 are presented.

WP61 : SP6 Coordination

WP62 : Tools specification

WP63 : Ice particles trajectory model

WP64 : Ice particles impingement model

WP65 : Ice particles accretion model

WP66 Integration into industrial environment

To view the progress performed within SP6 the secondthird and fourth year of the project please follow the related links.

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