SP6 High IWC Tools and Simulation Development – 3rd year progress

During the third year of the project all planned laboratory experiments have been achieved and a comprehensive set of models has been developed for ice crystal trajectory, ice crystal impingement and accretion. The implementation of these models into icing numerical tools almost achieved progress and a lot of validation test cases were carried out in order to prepare the TRL4 review gate. As far as the assessment of impact and accretion models is concerned, computations are still in progress but all the results obtained so far are very encouraging and prove that major progress has been done since the beginning of the project.

In what follows the significant results of each WP of SP6 are presented.

WP61 : SP6 Coordination

WP62 : Tools specification

WP63 : Ice particles trajectory model

WP64 : Ice particles impingement model

WP65 : Ice particles accretion model

WP66: Integration into industrial environment

To view the progress performed within SP6 the firstsecond and fourth year of the project please follow the related links.

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