SP1 Instrumentation – Final progress is available!

During the last 18 months of the project, the following results were generated within SP1:

  • Selection of the most suitable instrumentation for Ice Wind Tunnel (IWT) calibration
  • Selection of the most suitable instrumentation for HAIC/HIWC field campaigns
  • Additional cloud data in continental convection acquired from research aircraft HALO
  • Instrument intercomparison of cloud probes used in wind tunnel and aircraft experiments

In short, SP1 activities are progressing according to the plan and are on schedule.
The significant results of each WP of SP1 are presented below.

WP11 : SP1 Coordination

WP12 : Instrumentation and Specification

WP13 : Selection of instrumentation for flight tests campaigns

WP14 : Selection of instrumentation for icing wind tunnel calibration

WP15: Intercomparison of aircraft and wind tunnel instrumentations in the Braunschweig wind tunnel

To view the progress performed within SP1 the firstsecondthird and fourth year of the project please follow the respective links.

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